Non-destructive plasma-chemical extraction of carbon from organic artefacts

Description: Plasma oxidation for ¹⁴ C sampling utilizes low-pressure (133 Pa), low-energy (<50 W), and low- temperature (<50°C) Ar- and O 2 -plasmas generating CO 2 for AMS dating. O 2 -plasmas on empty chambers remove organic contamination. When clean, a new specimen is inserted and Ar-plasmas dislodge adsorbed atmospheric CO2 from surfaces. Finally, O […]

Extinct 244Pu: Chronology of Early Solar System Formation

Description: Early and recent work on Pu-Xe dating of achondrites (eucrites) is discussed here; the latter has focused on establishing the time of closure for Xe, not on the estimation of the time interval between the cessation of nucleosynthesis and the crystallization of solid bodies in our solar system. By using various Angra dos Reis […]

Radiocarbon dating of rock paintings using plasma-chemical extraction

Description: The use of plasma-chemical extraction in radiocarbon dating of rock paintings is discussed. Radiocarbon dating of rock art allows an inventory of images to be studied along with other cultural remains of a given archaeological time period. Assigning painted images to a particular prehistoric culture allows archaeologists to gain information on artistic, cultural, and […]

Comment on “some evidence of a date of first humans to arrive in Brazil”

Description: J Archaeol Sci reported extremely interesting dates on a calcite layer covering a pictograph at the Toca da Bastiana rock shelter within the Serra da Capivara National Park, Piaui, Brazil. Thermoluminescence and electron paramagnetic resonance ages indicate that humans were present in Brazil prior to 35 ky ago. We report radiocarbon dates for rock […]

Nondestructive Radiocarbon Dating: Naturally Mummified Infant Bundle from SW Texas

Description: Plasma oxidation was used to obtain radiocarbon dates on six different materials from a naturally mummified baby bundle from the Lower Pecos River region of southwest Texas. This bundle was selected because it was thought to represent a single event and would illustrate the accuracy and precision of the plasma oxidation method. Five of […]

AMS Dates from Four Late Prehistoric Period Rock Art Sites in West Central Montana

Description: In 2002, eight pigment samples were collected from three rock art sites in the Big Belt Mountains of west-central Montana. Samples from Hellgate Gulch (24BW9), Avalanche Mouth (24BW19), and the Gates of the Mountains (24LC27) were dated using plasma-chemical extraction and accelerator mass spectrometry. The dates were statistically indistinguishable with ages of 1170 ± […]