Radiocarbon date for a red linear style pictograph

Radiocarbon date for a red linear style pictograph


A single date for a painting should not be used to define a chronology or timeline for an entire rock art style. Two of the dated images are labeled as unclassified. but have previously been categorized as Red Linear and Red Monochrome styles (Ilger et al., 1994). At Cueva Quebrada (41VV162a), the one experimental date is for a red oval painting and not a diagnostic figure of the Red Linear style.

The placement of Red Linear (and Red Linear-like) images within the greater chronology of Lower Pecos rock art is muddled by the lack of direct radiocarbon dates on these types of paintings. With only a single radiocarbon result of 1280±45 RCYBP of a red oval at Cueva Quebrada (41VV162a), we do not have a direct date for a classic example of the Red Linear style (Ilger et al. 1994). However, Turpin doubts that the bulk of Red Linear paintings are as young as the radiocarbon results at 41VV162a and stated that it is more likely that the age range is 3100 to 2500 RCYBP.


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